How To Tranform Your Body!

 It has taken me a couple years of researching in school about nutrition, learning from my nutritionist and speaking to many fitness competitors and models in the industry that eating more healthy foods is the key to losing fat. A woman that is 120 pounds is going to need to eat around 1,400-1,500 a day. A woman that is 210 pounds needs about 1,000 more calories to have healthy fat loss. If you are not meeting the caloric goals your body needs then metabolism may slow and eventually losing fat and building muscle will be nearly impossible. There is no magic pill, fad diet or easy way out. It is all about fitness, proper rest, water intake and NUTRITION. That’s all it really boils down to. Simple..Right? There is no easy way out so avoid the road blocks with trying crazy diets or supplements that market the notion they will “do the work for you.” You have the power INSIDE YOU to reach your goals. Trust yourself and the process.

          As we both began to bump up our calories with the correct portions and choices of lean proteins, complex carbs and healthy fats we were able to build and maintain muscle while lose fat.. JUST by bumping UP the calories.. not taking them away. Nutrition is science and depending on your goals, adding or subtracting calories and macros (along with a great workout plan) will determine how you meet those goals. For example, when I began attempting to build muscle this fall I bumped up my calories slowly to make sure my body had all the nutrients it needed for proper muscle growth and intense training regimen. When I began training for my competition in April my goals changed so, I tapered down my calories BUT still kept them in the 1600-1800 calorie range. I am now at 10% body fat and getting ready to step on stage for the NPC competition next month. 

       I am now leaner than I was years when I thought eating hardly anything during the day would cause me to lose weight. Evening though I had to taper my calories to lean out for my competition… it is still WAY more than I was eating when I was uneducated about nutrition and out of shape. Caloric needs are different for everyone but there are many calorie calculators online if you need help figuring out your personal range.

      I’m writing this because I know this was a struggle for me to wrap my head around. It took years of learning and researching. I remember at the Arnold this year, IFFBB PRO Amanda Latona, my sister Morgan and my best friend had this very talk. She told us to make sure to always focus on proper nutrition even when competing. Taking away calories and carbs to meet goals will ONLY hurt you in the long run. You need carbs for not only energy needs but also brain function! It is not something to take away!

       Eating clean is 80% of what YOU look like. Working out for 5 hours a day is only a very small percentage of your week (3% to be exact).. You must stay consistent.. and remember if you’re only trying to eat healthy “70%” percent of the time.. that was a C- in school, so expect C- results!



2 thoughts on “How To Tranform Your Body!

  1. Great article!! Its taken me years but I FINALLY get it. If you don’t mind sharing, what is your macro nutrient percentages? I hear ppl talk about 40/40/20 but was curious what your input is. THANKS!

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