Almond Butter, Banana and Chocolate Smoothie (Post Workout of course!)

1 cup of almond milk
1 tablespoon of almond butter
1 banana (frozen or fresh)
1 tablespoon of vegan chocolate chips
Simply take the one cup of almond milk, one tablespoon of almond butter, one frozen or fresh banana and your one tablespoon of vegan chocolate chips and put all these ingredients into your blender of Vitamix.
Blend on high for about a minute. If you want the chocolate chips to really be broken down, you may need to blend this all together for a little bit longer. So adjust accordingly.
When the smoothie has been blended to the consistency you want, it’s ready to pour into a glass and enjoy!

Almond milk, almond butter, vegan chocolate chips and banana all ready to be blended!
Remember that if you are having this as a post workout smoothie, you should try to make sure you have this as soon as possible after your workout. I usually have it about a half hour after I work out. If you are able to have this sometime in the hour following your workout, it will really help your body to get rebuilding those muscles and helping your body to recover from your workout.


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