PERSONAL vitamin water!

This vitamin water gives your adrenal glands a boost. If you suffer from adrenal exhaustion or fatigue due to stress, overwork, improper nutrition, lack of sleep or any other hormonal issues, this vitamin water will help to revitalize and nourish your glands with dosha balancing ashwagandha, maca, high doses of natural vitamin C camu camu, cranberry, orange and kiwi.

1 Cup Oranges (sliced)

1 Cup Blueberries
1/2 Cup Cranberries

1/2 Cup Kiwi (sliced)

1 Tsp Ashwagandha Powder

5-10 Holy Basil Leaves (fresh or 1 Tbsp dried leaves or powder)

1/2 Tsp Reishi Mushroom Powder (or two capsules opened)


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