Clean eating is about eating foods in their most natural state. This means avoiding processed foods, foods with loads of preservatives, foods with lots of added sugar, and foods with high levels of bad fats (some saturated fats/all trans fats). Alternatively, you want to avoid foods that have been stripped of their nutritional value and/or have been injected with a heaping dose of six-syllable chemicals.

Clean eating isn’t an exact term with standard guidelines to follow. Our definition of clean eating is what we have learned from our nutritionist, Kim Porterfield and many other professionals in the fitness industry. These are some of the basic guidelines that I associate with clean eating.
-Eating every 2-3 hours
-Eat Whole foods (plant based primarily)
-A diet with an abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.
-drinking a gallon of water a day
-We drink plant based protein shakes post workout (email us at Elizabethmorganfit@gmail.com if you are interested)

photo 4-3

Making healthy cooking choices, such as baking, steaming, and light sauteing whenever possible.
Consume healthy fats from natural sources such as nuts, avocados, organic coconut oil, etc.
The overwhelming point I want to drive home to you is this; choose foods closest to their natural state. It’s great if you’re eating broccoli, but if it’s covered in cheese, butter, breadcrumbs, casserole style, then baked for 45 minutes, it’s losing a ton of its nutritional value. A better option would be to lightly steam your broccoli, toss with a little olive oil, lemon juice, or use chicken broth and yummy spices to flavor your food. Learning to cook (and eat) cleanly is all about learning to simplify things and not overdoing it with your meal prep. When you keep things simple, meals normally turn out to be more healthy.


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