The importance of Protein and Recovery

When it comes to gaining muscle protein shakes can definitely help. It’s important to 1. Train 2. Get in proper nutrition and 3. REST! Protein is vital for muscle growth. Protein powders are great because they are quickly absorbed and your body can digest them rapidly to help start the recovery process after training. To gain muscle you really need the essential amino acids before and after your workout.

Even though protein is needed to grow muscles, too much protein can still lead to weight gain.  Our bodies can only digest and use about 30 grams of protein in a three hour window. Too much of anything will lead to fat! It’s important to not only eat healthy clean foods but aim to eat proper portions and eat every 3 hours. When you master that balance you WILL see amazing changes.  We aim for about 20-30 grams pre or post workout. Portion sizes vary on each person and what their goals are. The after training meal is extremely important because the muscles are in the recovery process, so it is vital to eat no longer than an hour after your training to reach that anabolic window. We typically eat an hour before a workout and then RIGHT after!

As for muscle soreness, glutamine can really help. Why would added glutamine in the diet help? Because, during intense training, glutamine levels are greatly depleted in your body, which decreases strength, stamina and recovery. So, by taking a glutamine supplement your body can repair faster which equals LESS SORENESS  !!! A huge benefit of protein powders (especially Oh Yeah! powders) is they contain all the essential amino acids AND glutamine! Oh Yeah! also sells glutamine supplements! The biggest advantage of supplements is convenience, digestibility and their well-balanced profile. They are quick and easy and take care of what you need after a good workout.

Protein Shakes VS Whole Foods?

Whole foods will have an advantage because they will take more time to digest and because of the energy needed for digestion, your metabolism is boosted and more calories are burned breaking down the foods..protein shakes are already broken down for the body. This is known as the Thermic Effect and while all protein scores the highest ..around 30 percent of all the energy it provides is used up in processing. Basically, our body uses more energy to digest chicken than a protein shake.

So the question is Food or Supplements??! We say both! They are both great for different times depending on your goals. We aim for protein powders only pre or post workouts and then choose to eat whole foods in our other meals to get that thermagetic effect we told you about earlier. Food should always be your first option and then use the protein supplements at the times when they do their best muscle building magic.



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