Three Tips for Rockin Summer Abs!

Summer is approaching us and we all want to look good on the beach and show off our handwork! So, let’s remember, abs are ultimately made in the “kitchen” through diet and supplementation!!  You can do all the crunches and ab exercises you want, however if your nutrition is not on point you may never see the results you desire. Here are some of our nutrition and supplementation tips for tight abs!


Eat more fruits and veggies

Foods like asparagus, cucumbers and leafy greens keep your tummy flat and regulate bloat in your belly. Try to consume these foods daily. By maintaining a diet full of plant based foods you are getting in all the nutrients you need while keeping calories lower than the unhealthy standard American diet. You are also getting in all the nutrients your body needs.

Probiotics give the body the healthy bacteria it needs to keep the “bad” bacteria out! These supplements keep your digestive system healthy which means less gas, bloating, constipation and digestive discomfort. Probiotics can also be found in vegan foods like fermented tempeh or even Miso. Fermented apple cidar vinegar is another great option to beat the bloat.


This may sound cliche but drinking water will do wonders in helping sculpt a toned mid section. Drinking more water helps prevent stomach bloating by aiding healthy digestion, relieving constipation & minimizing gas. On fact, water aids in burning fat and releasing toxins. Aim for a gallon of water each day.


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