Natural Holistic Sun Protection for a Healthy Body

Many of our followers know by now that I have been battling melanoma for a little over two years and have had eight areas removed. Despite the challenges that surfaced, I made it a goal to educate and spread the word on melanoma and skin cancer awareness. After adopting a vegan diet, tossing all house hold cleaners and chemical filled soaps and lotions I also gave my sunscreen a makeover! Now, I have been cancer free for the first time in 6 months. I no longer use the typical Banana Boat,  Loreal or Neutrogena that are created using toxins and harmful chemicals. After all, our skin is  our largest organ and we don’t want to be covering ourselves in any product that may potentially harm our health. With that being said, I now am in LOVE with Suntegrity Skincare SPF 30 Natural Mineral Sunscreen! It protects your skin from the sun’s harmful UVA and UVB rays, is all natural and formulated with green tea, protects against free-radical damage while aloe vera and cucumber hydrate and soothe redness. It is non oily and smells of tropical citrus. Currently I use the daily moisturizer, sunscreen and natural self tanner. The self tanner is fabulous for me, especially since I do tend to stay out of the sun but enjoy a healthy bronze glow. After applying these products to my daily routine I can honestly say they are by far the highest quality skin care on the market today.


Suntegrity’s Mission to Fight Cancer 

Something that resonated with me personally, was the company’s mission. Suntegrity CEO, Trisha, founded the Sunscreen company after losing her mother to skin cancer. I also wanted to share Suntegrity’s story with all of you.


Suntegrity Skincare was made in memory of my mom and all of those who lost their lives to skin cancer. Using my mom’s experience as a positive catalyst for change, I created a holistic, mineral sun care line to help people avoid skin cancer.

After losing my mom to melanoma skin cancer, I became a big advocate of wearing sunscreen. However, most of the sunscreens on the market use chemical UV blockers and contain a lot of toxic ingredients. It didn’t make sense to me to use these types of sunscreens to prevent skin cancer only to get another kind of cancer.

After several years of research and investigation, I decided to develop my own sun care line. With a heartfelt mission and the help of an extremely knowledgeable formulator and chemist, Suntegrity Skincare was born.

Suntegrity Face and Body SPF 30 products use only the best known physical block ingredient (non-nano size zinc oxide) to provide broad spectrum UVA/UVB protection and super anti-oxidants and amino acids to enhance that protection and help with skin repair. Our products use non-toxic preservatives to maintain their integrity without sacrificing safety or health. Our company was awarded “Champion” Status by the EWG/Compact for Safe Cosmetics

I hope you enjoy our products and smile in the memory of someone you love every time you use them.

Thanks for your support!




What are the statistics on melanoma?


Cancer of the skin is by far the most common of all cancers. Melanoma accounts for less than 2% of skin cancer cases but causes a large majority of skin cancer deaths.

Here are the American Cancer Society’s estimates for melanoma in the United States for 2014:

About 76,100 new melanomas will be diagnosed (about 43,890 in men and 32,210 in women).
About 9,710 people are expected to die of melanoma (about 6,470 men and 3,240 women).
The rates of melanoma have been rising for at least 30 years.

Melanoma is more than 20 times more common in whites than in African Americans. Overall, the lifetime risk of getting melanoma is about 2% (1 in 50) for whites, 0.1% (1 in 1,000) for blacks, and 0.5% (1 in 200) for Hispanics. The risk for each person can be affected by a number of different factors, which are described in the section “What are the risk factors for melanoma skin cancer?”

The risk of melanoma increases with age – the average age at the time it is found is 61. But melanoma is not uncommon even among those younger than 30. In fact, it is one of the most common cancers in young adults (especially young women). Remember, I was diagnosed at 22.



Your Body is the Only Place YOU have to Live




Needless to save, these products are my current “gotos” especially while living in the sunshine state. I urge everyone of you to remember to go to your annual dermatologist visits to check your own skin and also use healthy products, like Suntegrity to make sure you are taking care of your body. Your body is the only place YOU have to live. Treat it with love and respect and it will love you back. Please don’t make the same mistake I did for years and “forget” to use sunscreen and think  cancer was never a possibility. I will have melanoma the rest of my life and it is a daily struggle, however I also know that I have a obligation now to help you understand that there are ways to prevent skin cancer and live healthier lives.

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